Since the launch of the DMP in 2016, the project has received worldwide coverage from international events, presentations and direct press references from media outlets such as the Financial Times and Vox EU. The data collected from the Project is used directly by the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, featuring in numerous of its own Inflation Reports and Agents’ Summaries.

The UK has voted to leave the EU, but Brexit has yet to occur. In this paper we study the economic consequences of the leave vote. The referendum led to a depreciation in sterling and an increase in economic policy uncertainty in the UK, particularly trade policy uncertainty. RES Conference 2018

PrOPEL Hub: Reimagine Management and Productivity in a Post-pandemic World

September 2021

Janice Eberly, Global Forum on Productivity: Digitalisation, Intangibles and Productivity

July 2021

Nick Bloom, World Bank: Productivity Growth After The Pandemic

September 2020

Nick Bloom, Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium: Uncertainty and Recovery
(50 mins onward)

August 2020

35th European Economic Association Congress – The Impact of Brexit on UK Firms, Exploration of the Decision Maker Panel Survey

August 2020

Nick Bloom, Congressional Budget Office: “Uncertainty and Reallocation”

June 2020

Covid-19 – Key Slide Pack

May 2020

Nick Bloom “Working From Home and the Future of the U.S. Economic Growth under COVID”

May 2020

Presentation to PIIE-Clausen Center Conference, Berkely

February 2020

Presentation to NY FED-ECB Workshop on Expectations Surveys

November 2019

Brexit – Key Slide Pack

January 2020

Presentation to Preliminary, Columbia

March 2019

ESCoE conference, Keynote address

May 2018

Presentation to IFO Institute, Munich


Presentation to Chicago conference

October 2018

RES presentation

March 2018

Queens’ College Oxford – Assessing the future for the UK

January 2018

HMT presentation

September 2017