Next data release Thursday 3rd February 2022

Aggregate Results Tables – Quarterly Data October 2021 (Excel)

Survey micro data from the Decision Maker Panel (DMP) are confidential and are not publically available. Researchers wishing to access the micro data would need to become affiliated members of the project team and work in collaboration with at least one member of the main DMP project team. This would involve undergoing a security check and agreeing to a code of conduct in order to be able to access the microdata through the Bank of England’s IT network. All project outputs would need to maintain the confidentiality of the individual responses and meet the Bank of England’s sensitivity guidelines. Projects will only be approved at the discretion of the DMP project team and the Bank of England. Please complete a proposal form if you would like to propose a project using the DMP data. Please contact Phil Bunn (, 020 3461 3096), if you have any questions or require further information.

Future Decision Maker Panel Publication Dates: 

3rd March 2022
7th April 2022
5th May 2022