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Next data release Thursday 1st September 2022

Aggregate Results Tables – Quarterly Data January 2022 (Excel)

Future Decision Maker Panel Publication Dates: 

1st September 2022
6th October 2022
3rd November 2022

We aim to share data from the DMP survey with researchers in order to increase the impact and usage of the survey, but in a way that preserves the confidentiality of the data. Aggregated data from the survey are published each month on the Bank of England’s website and these data are reproduced on this page. They are freely available to be used in research projects, but should be cited appropriately (citation: Data extract from ESRC-funded Decision Maker Panel).

An anonymized version of the DMP microdata is also now available to researchers via the Office for National Statistics’s (ONS) Secure Research Service. Researchers wishing to access the data in this way should follow the four steps below:

1. You should be an ONS accredited researcher, or make an application to become an accredited researcher to the ONS.

2. You should complete a proposal form and submit it to Phil Bunn Project applications will need to be approved by both the ONS and Bank of England. The same applies to research outputs and publications, this will work via the usual SRS approvals process. More details here.

3. You should propose a project not overlapping substantially with active or planned DMP research. The DMP team will only approve projects that do not have a significant overlap with projects that the DMP team are working on or have plans to work on. More details on existing projects here.

Permission to use a dataset for one project does not automatically give researchers the right to use the same dataset for another project, so they must obtain a new approval when starting a new project with the same dataset or if they propose to materially alter the direction of the research from the original proposal.

4. You should apply for an accredited research project via the ONS website for each permitted project.

Please contact Phil Bunn (, 020 3461 3096), if you have any questions or require further information.